Portrait photoAlun uses sound, projection and sculpture to explore the overlap between a general mood evoked by soundscapes, and specific personal memories. He increasingly works with a sculptural combination of technology and the natural world to explore the way that touch affects our memory. In Mesosporangiate Strobili (2009) an installation of a miniature forest of pine cones emit a whisper of sound, recorded during a three weeks residency in the arboretum at Nuneham Courtenay. Transporter Mix (2009) was a participatory installation/performance that invited the audience to step barefoot into three micro-environments: beach, park and woodland. Recorded sounds from these environments were then overlaid and mixed by the artist according to the visitor's location within the piece, allowing them to be both 'inside' and 'outside', to travel and to stand still. After listening, the visitor was invited to talk about their memories. The film RUN (2007) combined the sound of the artist's footsteps running on a variety of surfaces with footage shot at ground level to explore movement and memory of place. The footage was inverted, and this 'upside down' view of the world reflected the runner's focus on the ground rather than the more usual view of distant horizons.

Selected shows

Seeing Sound from Inside Out, Fringe Arts Bath, May-June 2015
Art in the Arboretum, Oxford Harcourt Arboretum, July 2009
Transporter Mix, Becoming Ordinary conference, Oxford, March 2009
Transporter Mix, Art Transformation and Change Symposium, Oxford, March 2009
Transporter Mix, OVADA, solo show, January 2009
World Mental Health Day,
Warneford Hospital, Oxford, 2008
Oxford, 2008
, Oxford, 2007
Ovada, Oxford 2007
Candid Arts Trust, London, screening of Shadow animation, 2003
Said Business School, Oxford, May 2003
Campion Gallery, Oxford, 2002
The Mill, Banbury, Hotwired, 2002
X-change Gallery
, Oxford, 2002
PoNaNa nightclub, Oxford, 2002
VAIN Live Art Festival, Oxford, 2002
Brookes, OX1 2001
12 Green Street, Oxford, Oxford Stuckists 2001
The Art Room, Christ Church, Oxford: 3jay 2000
Phoenix Picture House, solo show, Oxford, 2000
The Stables Gallery, solo show, Green College, Oxford, 2000
Atelier Gallery, solo show, Exeter, 1999
The Art Room, Christ Church, Oxford:3jay 1999
Café Something, solo show, Oxford, 1998
Rye St Antony's School, solo show, Oxford, 1998
Electric Showroom, Abingdon: 3jay Show 1998
Royal Overseas League, London: 15th Annual Open Exhibition 1998
Oxfordshire County Museum, Woodstock: Three Contemporary Painters 1998
The Art Room, Christ Church, Oxford: 3jay painters 1998
Christ Church Picture Gallery, solo show, Oxford 1997
The Art Room, solo show, Christ Church, Oxford 1996
Wolfson College, solo show, Oxford 1995
Central Library, solo show, Westgate Centre, Oxford 1994

Paintings held in private collections in the UK, Belgium, Germany and the USA.

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