Sea Hear - submit your memory

How to do it

The easiest method is to use a service like Audioboom or Clyp to record your voice on their websites straight away or with the apps on your phone. You'll need to create an account with these sites, then send the link to [email protected], or to keep the recording totally private, message me on Audioboom. For more control I recommend downloading the free recording software Audacity. This is a great tool and will introduce you to a whole new world of audio editing. Your phone or computer microphone will be perfectly fine for this project, but hey, if you have a Shure SM58 mic, so much the better. MP3 files are good, and small enough to send via email usually, but if you send me WAV files or AIFF files that'll be fine. If the file's too big for email, try a free service like Dropbox or WeTransfer. Or use Google Drive, Apple's iCloud, or Microsoft's OneDrive. All of these backup and storage spaces allow you to share files with others.

Recording tips

Small print